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Air Relax 2.0, 3.0 & 4.0 Comparison

Air Relax has been a leader in the compression therapy market for a since 2018. If you're looking for the most advanced, effective and affordable compression systems, then you'll want to take a closer look at the Air Relax 2.0, Air Relax Plus 3.0, and Air Relax Pro 4.0.

Here is a discussion on the differences between the different Air Relax models.

Air Relax 2.0

Air Relax 2.0 features chart

The Air Relax 2.0 is the most powerful and affordable compression system on the market. It is designed with athletes in mind to maximize recovery, relieve pain, and improve performance. With a maximum pressure of 230 mmHg, the Air Relax 2.0 delivers the highest level of compression therapy available, helping to reduce muscle soreness, improve circulation and speed up recovery. It is quickly becoming a staple in the recovery toolkit of many amateur athletes. It’s affordable, a pleasure to use and delivers noticeable results.

Air relax 2.0 control unit

Air Relax Plus 3.0

Air Relax 3.0 chart

The Air Relax Plus 3.0 is designed for travel with its dual voltage control system and optional battery pack. It features a digitally controlled operation cycle with improved compression modes and built-in pressure sensor that measures your leg circumference and ensures pressure is evenly distributed, regardless of limb size. It uses the same compression sleeves as the Air Relax 2.0 and is essentially an upgraded version of Air Relax 2.0 designed for travel. The battery pack allows for you to use it outside at events and on the go, while the dual voltage accepts 110V & 220V plugins for traveling athletes around the world.

Air Relax Plus 3.0 control unit

Air Relax Pro 4.0

Air Relax Pro 4.0 chart

Finally, Air Relax Pro 4.0 is the ultimate in athletic recovery and deep tissue massage. This professional-grade compression system is designed to provide immediate relief for sore muscles, with its advanced and powerful features. It features an intuitive 5.5-inch LCD display with advanced modes and control, 6 chamber sleeves with built in circumference extensions and highest quality materials and design, dual voltage control system and optional power bank. You can tell that no cost was spared when designing Air Relax Pro. It is the best compression system for professionals and the most advanced recovery system for 2023.

Air Relax Pro 4.0 control unit

Which Air Relax Should You Choose?

All three Air Relax models offer different features and benefits, and it's important to consider your specific needs when making a choice. The Air Relax 2.0 is a powerful and affordable option for those who want to maximize recovery and improve performance, the Air Relax Plus 3.0 is designed to be used anywhere in the world, both indoors and outdoors, and the Air Relax Pro 4.0 is the ultimate in athletic recovery and deep tissue massage for professional use. You cant go wrong with any of the options.

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