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Find Your Perfect Fit: Air Relax 2.0 vs. 3.0 vs. 4.0

Air Relax has been a top name in compression therapy since 2018. If you want powerful, easy-to-use, and affordable recovery tools, check out the Air Relax 2.0, Air Relax Plus 3.0, and Air Relax Pro 4.0.


Air Relax 2.0: Power and Affordability

This model packs a punch! This high-performance system delivers deep compression (up to 230 mmHg) to speed up recovery, relieve muscle soreness, and boost circulation. It's the perfect choice for athletes wanting a powerful, no-nonsense recovery tool at an excellent price.

Air relax 2.0 control unit
Air Relax 2.0 features


Air Relax Plus 3.0: Recovery on the Go

Designed for the traveling athlete, this system features a dual-voltage controller and optional battery pack. Enjoy therapeutic compression anywhere, anytime. Plus, it's super smart and adjusts to fit you perfectly with its built in pressure sensor.

Air Relax Plus 3.0 control unit
Air Relax 3.0 features


Air Relax Pro 4.0: The Ultimate Recovery Experience 

Ready for next-level recovery?  Air Relax Pro 4.0 is the ultimate in athletic recovery and deep tissue massage. It offers total control, targets specific areas, and is built with the absolute best materials. It is the ultimate compression system for professionals and the most advanced recovery tool of 2023.

Air Relax Pro 4.0 control unit
Air Relax 4.0 features


Which Air Relax Is Right for You?

The perfect Air Relax model depends on your lifestyle and goals:

  • Athletes seeking powerful, value-driven recovery: Air Relax 2.0

  • Serious athletes who travel extensively: Air Relax Plus 3.0

  • Athletes, professionals, and anyone demanding the absolute best in compression therapy: Air Relax Pro 4.0

No matter your needs, Air Relax has the perfect solution to elevate your recovery experience.

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