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How to use Air Relax Recovery Boots

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Air Relax Recovery Systems are an easy way to take care of yourself at home – without spending money on expensive professional treatments! The system uses air compression technology that helps improve circulation and reduce pain in your muscles by stimulating blood flow. You will notice immediate relief from fatigue with this at-home recovery tool!

Here’s how it works… Simply place the recovery boots over each leg while lying down on your back in bed or another comfortable position. Then turn on the system using the control unit and pick your mode, pressure and time. Compressing air will begin flowing into each boot; providing targeted muscle pressure, squeezing blood towards the core. When the pressure is released, fresh blood rushes back in. It's very, very relaxing and you'll feel the difference immediately!

leg recovery boots
Air Relax Recovery Boots at Home

Just slip on a pair of our comfy massage boots, and let the air jets do the work. They'll give your feet and ankles a gentle compression massage, helping to improve circulation and reduce swelling.

Steps to use Air Relax Recovery Systems

  1. Unpackage the Air Relax system and set up the Recovery Boots in a comfortable place. Air Relax Legs are best set up on a couch, floor, reclining chair or bed.

  2. Plug in the control panel. Make sure you can reach the controls when the system is in use. The 3.0 & 4.0 control panel can also be plugged into the battery.

  3. Plug in the T-hose to the control unit. Plug each one of the boot hoses into the T from the control hose (4.0). The hose plugs have a top that is marked and needs to face up.

  4. Sit down and put on the legs one at a time. It's usually easiest to leave the zippers done up and pull them on like a pair of pants. Make sure to have the right size and get your heal at the bottom of the foot chamber.

  5. Select your desired mode on the control panel. Make sure to start at a lower setting and work your way up. Level 4 on the 2.0 is often too much for most.

  6. Enjoy your Air Relax massage. You'll feel the difference it makes immediately.

  7. Try the different modes, times and pressures. You'll find a sequence that works best for you.

  8. When done you can leave the system set up for easy use or easily pack it out of site.

So don't wait any longer. Its easy! Sit down, put on the Air Relax Recovery Boots and choose your favorite leg recovery massage. Enjoy!

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