Air Relax 4.0 Arm Sleeve
  • Air Relax 4.0 Arm Sleeve

    Air Relax Pro Arm Sleeve includes - AR-4.0 Pro single arm sleeve (Hose bundle is not included).

    • 6 Chambers - Offers anatomically more accurate layout/design.
    • Durable Garment - High quality 200 Denier Nylon Oxford, coated with 3 mil of polyurethane.
    • Internal Overlapped Design - No gaps between chambers. smooth chamber to chamber pressure transition. 
    • YKK Zippers - All of zippers come from YKK that makes the most dependable zipper in the industry. 
    • Adjustable Arm Strap - fully adjustable, padded security strap.
    • Medical Grade Silicone Hose - Non-toxic, lead-free. Tested for bio-compatibility and is appropriate to be used for medical applications and meet a high standards of manufacture, bio-compatibility and safety. 

       * Note: A hose bundle receptacle plug required to use single arm sleeve.

      We spare no cost in assuring that your product is the best possible product. We designed and built for commercial grade product.

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